Gillco Group Mohali
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About Us


OUR VISION is to create one of the largest and efficient real estate companies in the nation, based on our expertise, enterprise, experience, endurance, extensivity and exclusivity. To be of service to the real estate buyers and to help them buy a home within a very limited time period at the most reasonable prices and maintaining the quality that is expected in this new India. And at the same time setting the highest professional and ethical standards among real estate promoters.


OUR MISSION is to give you the best price possible for your dream house by using proven methods, our fullest energies and our dedication to customer satisfaction. We also pride ourselves for maintaining transparence in all our workings and dealings thereby increasing our trust base and also our reliability in the long term business of real estate. We wish to offer a win-win offer for all our clients by adopting innovativeness in approach and freshness in outlook.